I don’t know if the life of our generation is better, and the kind of food to eat has changed, and the old teeth are 歪. When I was young, I might did not feel that I laughed at other people’s teeth. Wait until you have changed your teeth and become an object of others "joke". Fortunately, I met Ai Smile, let me find a confidence again.

I have worn a steel wire tooth, and I don’t say it, I have a restriction. What is even more embarrassing once to eat ribs, and immediately go to the hospital to find a doctor. I didn’t wear a holder in high school, and my teeth began to mess.

I have experienced the first complete and complete teeth failure, I feel that I have a little self-contained. After entering the society from the university, the value of the value is increasing, so the unsatisfactory thought is active. A classmate when university knows, I recommend it ai smile ivory, and it is very high, and it is an international brand. It is very suitable for my grandgraduated work party.

The first impression of the AI ??Smile ivory is convenient. It can help me make an appointment closest to the home because it is good to make a good appointment, and I have no longer queue, and I can go directly. At that time, the nurse also took me to make a 3D oral scan, said that it is convenient to formulate a plan. I haven’t been 2 days, the doctor has already planned a few programs, but also recommended my kind. I am a teacher, and I can’t wear a tooth when I know. The doctor also considers that there will be tits, and the wearing time is not enough, and it is appropriately extended my correction time and process, and customizes the best for me.

Have to say, the value of AI Smile is very high, and the tooth is very fast. The green outer box is very popular, Macaron, very senior, my colleagues thought that I bought any cosmetics, I came to see. And there is also something complete, storage box, cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, bite ghosts. Because I have a long time, I have some cleaning tablets and bite, because the bite of the AI ??Smile is also selected, so it is simply a box. In addition, I also bought the mouthwash and water of the house. Daily uses a mouthwater in the office, go home with water in the evening to ensure oral hygiene.

With the stealth tooth comfort with the AI ??Smile, the comfort is very strong. When you eat, take it in your portable box, pay attention to clean. And invisible, wearing it, don’t see it, so I won’t have a little mouth, I don’t dare to laugh again. My friend said that I changed back to the girl who laughed.