[Luoyang-Ei Retrieval Stability] 2022 Cloud Computing, IoT and Computer Application International Academic Conference (CICA2022)

April 22-24, Luoyang

General Assembly official website :: www. Confcica.com

Conference time:April 22-24, 2022

Location: China – Luoyang

First round cut:December 15, 2021

Accept / Reject Notice: 1 week after submission

Retrieval:EI Compendeex, Scopus

First, introduction to the meeting

2022 Cloud Computing, IoT and Computer Application International Conference (CICA2022)InApril 22-24, 2022existLuoyang, ChinaHeld, the meeting was hosted by the AEIC Academic Exchange Center. This meeting wound around "cloud computing","Internet of Things"and"computer application"The latest research, in order to build a platform for domestic and foreign experts, scholars, scientific and technological workers and other relevant personnel, to achieve the purpose of promoting and improving each other, and discussing the development of the field The key challenges and research directions are facing to promote the theory, technology development and application of this field.

The main topics of the meeting include: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, network security, data mining, intelligent network, computer applications, etc.




PROF. Warwick Powell

Queensland University of Technology


Assoc.prof. AMR TOLBA

Computer Science Department, King Saud University

two, Thesis review and publication

1) Conference papers (submit EI search)

All contributions must be reviewed by 2-3 organizing committees. After strict review, the final paper will be published by the recruitment papers will be published by Conference Proceedings. After seeing the publication, it is submitted by the Press to EI Compendex, SCOPUS retrieval.

◆ EI search conference papers only accept full-English manuscript. If you need to pay translation services, please contact the meeting group directly.

◆ The paper must not be less than 4 pages.

three, Essay topic

cloud computing:

Cloud architecture and management

Cloud delivery model, model optimization and architecture change

Cloud infrastructure, service and experience

Cloud optimization and automation

Cloud quality and performance

Cloud resource virtualization and combination

Intelligent computing infrastructure and platform


Distributed storage

Time series analysis

Cloud computing and block chain

Cloud security and privacy protection

Cloud application, infrastructure and platform

Cloud computing design tool

Calculate parallel processing

Virtualization on the cloud platform

Mobile cloud, mobile device

Social Cloud (social network in Yun)

Maintenance and management of cloud computing

Cloud applications in the vertical industry

Cloud system interior, storage area and external network

Virtualization in the cloud computing platform environment

System integration, virtual computing cluster

NOSQL data

Performance, SLA management and implementation

Data storage and management in cloud computing

Fog and edge calculation

Other related topics

Internet of Things:

Internet of Things technology architecture

Internet of Things Sensors

IoT information perception technology

Internet of Things multi-terminal synergistic control and intelligent terminal

Multi-network resource sharing in the Internet of Things environment

Heterogeneous integration in the Internet of Things environment

SDN and intelligent business network;

5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things

Cloud computing and big data in the Internet of Things

IoT information analysis and processing

CPS technology and intelligent information system

User-oriented software definition service

Intelligent services and industry applications

Internet of Things technology and application standards

IoT information security

IoT architecture

Isolated network technology

Internet of Things System Interoperability

Society accepted the Internet system

Privacy / Security / Real-time Fault Correction

Realistic application of Internet of Things technology

Internet of Things and its impact on user modeling

Other related topics

computer application:

Computer assistance system

Natural language understanding and production

Image Identification

Computer communication

Simulation, modeling, robot

Innovative database technology and data processing

Data mining, data warehouse and knowledge discover

Computer network and security

Calculation and artificial intelligence

Database management and information retrieval

Commercial information system

Geographic information system

Information system and application

E-commerce and e-government

Safety and cryptography

Internet and network applications

Computer architecture and computer aided design

Computer vision and pattern identification

Control system and robot

Fuzzy logic and its application

Blur, ANN & Expert Method

Human-machine system

Neural Networks

Numerical Analysis

Grid and cluster calculation

Super computing and cloud computing

Other related topics

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Short version (detailed schedule will be released around the previous month, please pay attention to the official website)
date time meeting arrangement
April 22nd 13: 00-17: 00 Registration
April 23 09: 00-12: 00 Invitation report
Participation type Cost (RMB)
Package A: Residence 1200 yuan / person
Package A team ticket (more than 3 people) 1000 yuan / person
Package B: Oral Report (Summary) 1500 yuan / person
Package C: Poster Show (Summary) 1500 yuan / person
Package D: Full text Published + Report + Participation
(Submit full text, 4 pages)
3200 yuan / person